Attack and Defense Labs will be a repository of the independent security research done by us. It would also serve as a platform to broadcast and discuss random thoughts and ideas on Security.

Lavakumar Kuppan

Unlike a typical geek I got my first computer at 20 and for another 2 years it was only a home entertainment system to me, nothing more. As a kid my passion revolved around machines.

Everything changed in 2005, when I learnt computer networks. For a motor-head the world of IP packets, routers and protocols was fascinating. What started there took me from networks to servers and then to applications. I officially became GOD when I picked up Perl, turning my ideas quickly in to mean Perl scripts. Of the handful of languages that I code in, Perl and C# remain the most frequently used.

I do Penetration Testing, Application security and Security Research for fun and profit.

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Manish Saindane

They say ďCuriosity killed the catĒ; but what the heck Ö. If you arenít curious, you are anyway a dead meatball.

I think the line above is the best way I would describe myself. For me learning is a passion that burns like a fire within, and I hope to keep it that way for as long as Iím alive. I like to break things to understand them and make them stronger, and Iím glad Iím getting paid for it :)

I enjoy Sketching, photography and listening to music. I like to invest time in thinking about new ideas or optimizing the existing way of doing things.

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